God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.



Evaristo Sanga, Chair - U.S.
Evaristo Sanga grew up in Magulilwa, in South-Central Tanzania and attended Magulilwa Primary School. He was the only student in his class of 70 primary school students to be selected to attend secondary school, and traveled to a school in another town to continue his education. After graduating from high school in Tanzania, Evaristo was a Mathematics and Civics teacher at Pomerin Secondary School in Tanzania.

Evaristo came to the U.S in 1994 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in MIS and Economics from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He then earned a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Evaristo currently works as a Principal Application Developer at HealthPartners. He previously worked as an Application Developer for Lawson Software.

Evaristo was grateful for the rare opportunity to attend secondary school and has had a dream of creating a secondary school in his village for many years. In 2004 he initiated the project to build a secondary school in Magulilwa in hopes that the children in the Magulilwa area will have a chance to continue their education and improve their lives.

Castory Madege, Adviser - Tanzania
Kastory Madege was born and received his early education in Magulilwa Village Tanzania. He was selected to attend secondary school at Tosamaganga. In January 1995 to May 1996 Kastory Madege was a Geography and Mathematics teacher at Kalenga Secondary School.

In 1999 Kastory Madege received a bachelor degree of Business Administration from Tumaini University at Iringa University College. Then in 2002 received a Master of Science degree in Finance from University of Strathclyde in UK. Kastory currently works as a Branch Manager for Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) which is one of the leading Microfinance providers in Tanzania.

Kastory worked together with Evaristo Sanga (school project manager) since the conception of Magulilwa Secondary School. Mr. Madege was instrumental in coordinating with village leaders in Magulilwa and played a key role in creating more awareness to the villagers about the importance of building this secondary school. He also participated to ensure that the school project received sufficient piece of land from the village community. Kastory Madege is highly committed to work with this school project to enhance life in all its fullness for our young generation of Tanzanians for the benefit of people of Tanzania. Kastory Madege strongly believes that “the only way to better help the poor people is to educate for their children”.


Chris Becker, Fundraising Chair
Pastor Christopher Becker is a parish pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. He has served three parishes in his 30 years of ministry, two of them having full day schools. He earned a Doctorate in Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling from The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and has been a leader in a faith based organization called ISAIAH for the past three years. He has worked to help his congregation become a powerful voice of faith in the public arena.

Pastor Becker was asked to serve as a Pastor-Teacher at Tumaini University in Iringa, Tanzania in 2000 where he taught classes in Ancient Israel History and Biblical Exegesis. While in Tanzania he also preached each week at various preaching points in the Magulilwa region where he became acquainted with the issues and needs of the people of that area.

Pastor Becker has led two mission groups to Tanzania in 2002 and 2004 and has helped one congregation develop a Life Skill center and currently is part of the team to develop a new secondary school in the Magulilwa area. He sees that the role of the church is to be a leader in the empowerment of people. By developing this secondary school a whole generation of young people will receive the power of education that will help transform their lives and their nation.



Linda Becker, Scholarship Chair
Linda Becker is an experienced educator. She has worked for the St. Paul Public Schools as a teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6. She has also served as curriculum coordinator, staff development specialist, and summer program coordinator. She earned a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Minnesota. Linda has developed and worked in several preschool programs, including programs in Chicago and St. Paul. She serves as Sunday School superintendent for her congregation, introducing a "rotation" format of themes and lessons, and involving 30 volunteer workers.

Linda's interest in Tanzania began in the year 2000 when she accompanied her husband on a 3 month teaching assignment at Tumaini University in Iringa, Tanzania. While living there, she taught English to secondary school students at Iringa Girls' School, and was appointed to a task force at Tumaini University to develop a degree program in teacher education. That program subsequently achieved government approval and currently enrolls about 100 teachers.

Linda has returned to Tanzania two more times to renew acquaintances, guide new groups of U.S. visitors, and work with the partner congregation at Magulilwa. In the summer of 2004 she helped lead a Vacation Bible School program in the village of Magulilwa for over 120 children. She is deeply committed to bringing education, hope, and the promise of a brighter future to the young people of central Tanzania.

Claire Sanga, Communications Chair
Claire Panton Sanga is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, with majors in Anthropology and French, and minors in International Studies and Psychology. While at Luther, Claire studied in Cameroon, West Africa, and Nepal, and strengthened her interest in working and living abroad and bringing communities of the world together.

Claire is currently a Case Manager at Borene Law Firm, P.A., an immigration law firm in Minneapolis. She also volunteers at English Learning Center, where she teaches English to adult refugees and immigrants in Minneapolis. In addition, she has experience working with young people of different ages, including working as a high school student tutor.

Claire married Luther classmate, Evaristo Sanga in 2002 and took her first trip to Tanzania with him in 2003, where she visited Magulilwa, met some of the villagers and primary school students, and became excited about the possibility of creating a secondary school in the village. Claire is hopeful that Magulilwa Secondary School will create opportunities for children in the Magulilwa area to continue their education, share their skills with their communities, and enhance their lives.
Cindy Nordstrom - Website Chair
Cindy Nordstrom, a 5th grade teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Eagan, Minnesota. She has been taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade over a period of 11 years. She has also been a district level instructional technology specialist where she taught teachers in a district of 32 schools how to use technology.

Mwalimu Cindy, has a Masters in Education Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas along with a K-12 Principal licensure from Minnesota State University. She has a passion for education and believes strongly that "tolerance is seeing with your heart, not your eyes". Her first trip to Tanzania was in the summer of 2004. She joins this team in an effort to support the education of all children.
Kent Rhein - Fundraising and Grants
Kent E. Rhein, MSW, LICSW, is currently the Program Director at Minnesota Life College and has an extensive background in both clinical social work and in the field of education.  He holds a B.A. degree in Psychology (University of St. Thomas), a B.S. in Elementary Education (Southwest MN State University), and a Masters degree in Social Work (College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas).  Kent furthered his studies in the field of special education and educational administration.  He holds licensure as an elementary educator, specific learning disabilities teacher, school social worker, and a K-12 principal.  In addition to this, he is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.

Mr. Rhein has worked in a variety of settings and organizations giving him a broad base of knowledge, skills, and experiences.  His social work background had him employed in the fields of adolescent chemical dependency, day treatment programming, and out-patient mental health.  In these positions he provided staff supervision, clinical consultation, and was involved in program development.  After many years in social services, Kent changed careers and spent seven years with the St. Paul Public Schools.  In this organization, he was an elementary teacher, a Teacher on Special Assignment, and a special education teacher at an adolescent correctional facility for males.

Kent made his first trip to Magulilwa in January 2006 for the schools dedication.  Since experiencing the people, the culture, and seeing the importance place on education, he has been a relentless support of MASS.  Kent invites you to be a part of this tremendous effort that will change a nation.  

Maurio Kisava, English/Mathematics Teacher & Acting Headmaster
Maurilio Kisava was born in 1977 at Magulilwa village. She successfully completed class seven in 1994 at Magulilwa Primary School. Despite the shortage of secondary schools in Tanzania, Maurilio Kisava succeeded to win a very competitive standard seven National Examination. In 1995, Maurilio Kisava was selected to join secondary education at Njombe Secondary School [Njoss] and in 1998, Maurilio Kisava sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

In 1999, Maurilio Kisava was selected to join Advanced Level of Secondary Education at Kibiti High School which is in Rufiji District in Coastal Region, but due to financial problems, Maurilio Kisava didn't go at Kibiti High School instead in August 1999 he joined at Mwembetogwa High School which is in Iringa Municipality. In 2001, Maurilio Kisava sat for the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education examination at Mwembetogwa High School.

In january 2002 to July 2003, Maurilio Kisava taught at Top-Fields Secondary School which is in Dar resalaam Region and taught Histoy, Basic Mathematics and English.
In August 2003, Maurilio Kisava joined at Mpwapwa Teachers Training College and in May 2005, she sat for the Teachers Education Examination [Diploma In Education].

Maurilio Kisava appreciates the establishment of Magulilwa Area Secondary School hoping that in years to come, the large number of the youth from Magulilwa village will have been liberated from the calamity of ignorance of which most of the villagers of Magulilwa have suffered for a number of decades due to the shortage of Secondary Schools in Tanzania, and hence improvement of individuals life and the welfare of the nation at large.

Sophia Geoge Mbilinyi, Teacher
Sophie Geoge Mbilinyi was born on 10th of March 1985 in Iringa Municiparity. She received her primary education in Kilimanjaro region from 1993 -1999. In 2003 she set for the certificate of secondary education examination.

In 2004 she qualified to join advanced level of secondary education at Lugalo secondary school in Iringa region taking History, Geography and English as the subjects of specialization. In March -2006 she graduated with Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education.

Sophia's vision in education is that education helps people master their life and everyone needs it.  She thinks ideally each ward should have secondary schools to reduce the number of primary schools' graduates who just stay at their homes due to the problem shortage of secondary schools in Tanzania.


Deo Kapufi, Teacher
Deo Kaupfi was born in 1973 at Sumbawanga urban in Rukwa region. He started Standard One in 1982 at Momoka Primary School in Sumbawanga and completed Standard Seven in 1988. Within the same year, he started Pre-Form One at Kaengesa Seminary School.

In 1989,Deo Kapufi started Form One at Kaengesa Seminary School and in 1992 sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

In 1993,Deo Kapufi joined at Kaengesa seminary high School and in 1995 sat for the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

In 1996, he joined at Ntungamo Major Seminary College and in 1998 was awarded with the Certificate of Philosophical Course.

In 1999, he worked with an Organization ( NGO) known as Youth and Cultural Iformation Centre(YCIC) in Dar es Salaam working as part time volunteer. In 2000, he was transfered to Iringa and worked as a Principal of an Organization known as Iringa Development of Youth Disabled and Children Care Centre(IDYDC).

In 2001,he attended a course of Community Based Behaviour Change on HIV/AIDS-Prevention and Management and was awarded with the Certificate of Attendance. In 2002, he attended the course of Strategic Health Communication and Communication skills on HIV/AIDS and STDs and was awarded with the Certificate.

In 2004, up to January-2007 he was teaching at Lyasa Secondary School teaching History and Geography. Currently, Deo Kapufi is working with Magulilwa Area Secondary School, teaching Geography and History.

Deo Kapufi is very impressed with the establishment of Magulilwa Area Secondary School. He sees the school as very instumental for helping not only the children from Magulilwa Village, but also from other parts of Tanzania.


Leopald Kalinga, Teacher
Leopald Kalinga was born in 1978 in Ng'enza Village, about three Kilometers from Magulilwa Village. He started Standard One in1988 at Ng'enza Primary School and completed Standard Seven in 1994 in the same School.

In 1995, Leopald Kalinga was selected to join at Ilula Secondary School which is a Public (Government owned School). In 1998, Leopald Kalinga sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. In 1999, he was selected to join at Malangali High School studying History, Kiswahili and English. In 2001, Leopald Kalinga sat for the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination at Malangali High School.

In July, 2002 Leopald Kalinga joined at Mpwapwa Teachers' Training College to persue a two years Diploma in Education Course. In May 2004, he sat for the Diploma in Education Examination and was awarded with the Certificate of Diploma in Education.

Leopald Kalinga while waiting for the Government appointment, he temporarily taught English and Kiswahili at Pomern High School from July to November, 2004.

In December, 2004 he was been given an appointment  by the government and was posted to teach at Isimila Secondary School, teaching English and Kiswahili subjects whereas he has worked up to July-2007 before joining with Magulilwa Area Secondary School (MASS) as a teacher of English and Kiswahili.

Leopald Kalinga is very proud of working with Magulilwa Area Secondary School and is ready to continue working with MASS throughout his life due to what he has learned for the short period he has served MASS. He likes the vision and objectives af MASS. He likes that MASS believes in helping students and staff members at large build a good future for themselves. Hence, they become successful members of their community and help in the development of the Nation in general.

Albina Mpesa, School Secretary
Albina Mpesa was born in 1993 at Magulilwa village. She started standard one in 1991 at Magulilwa Primary School and completed standard seven in 1997.

In 1998, Albina Mpesa joined at Caglielo Secondary School and in 2001, she sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

Albina Mpesa has attended a course in computer knowledge of about one year starting from January-2005 up to February 2006.


Elizabeth Kutika
Elizabeth Kutika was born in 1982 at Magulilwa Village. She started standard one in 1992 and completed standard seven in 1998.

In 2001, Elizabeth Kutika joined at Consolata Sisters Cooking Training College in Iringa.

In 2003, Elizabeth Kutika was Employed by St.Maria Goleth Vocationa Training College which is at Ilula Mission and worked over there for one year before she was transfered to go and do the same work at St.Lita Vocational Training college which is at Mtandika Mission.

At present, Elizabeth Kutika is working at Magulilwa Area Secondary School as a chief cook.

Gershom Mvena
Gershom Mvena was born in 1981. He started standard one in 1990 and completed standard seven in 1997.

In 1998 to 1999, Gershom Mvena was hired by the Village Government as a Cook preparing food for Magulilwa football team which was formed by footballers from different parts of Tanzania.

At present, Gershom Mvena is working at Magulilwa Area Secondary School as a Cook.

Harris Gama
Hamis Gama was born in 1950 at Nkomang'ombe Village in Ludewa DIstrict. Hamis Gama completed standard eight in 1967 at Ilole Upper Primary School.

In 1968 Hamis Gama joined National Servive [JKT] at Mafinga. In 1971, Hamis Gama became a National Security Guard  working in different parts of Tanzania and other countries.

Hamis Gama now is Working at Magulilwa Area Secondary School as a Guard.

Emanueli Mbwilo, Guard
Emanueli Mbwilo was born in 1949 at Magulilwa Village. He received Primary Education at Magulilwa Primary School.

In 1978 Emanuel Mbwilo joined National Service [JKT] at Mafinga where he received security training.

In 1982 to 1985 Emanuel Mbwilo was hired by the Village Government as a security Guard.

Emanuel Mbwilo  is working at Magulilwa Area Secondary School as a Guard.

Construction Team -Tanzania


Ernest Kasike, Project Manager - TanzaniaErenest Kasike was born in 1946 at Nyigo Village in Mufindi District. He completed standard eight[VIII] in 1964 at Tosamaganga Middle School.

In 1964, Erenest Kasike joined at Tosamaganga Secondary School and in 1968 he completed standard twelve[XII].

In 1969 Erenest Kasike joined IDM Mzumbe for Community Development Certificate Course. In 1970, Erenest Kasike was employed in Ministry of Community Development and Culture as a Community Development assistant.

In 1973 Erenest Kasike joined at Nyegezi Social Training Centre for two years Diploma Course in Community Development. In 1975 he joined Oljoro Military Training center. In 1976, Erenest Kasike was appointed as a District Community assistant until 1978.

In 1979 he was appointed as a village Manager for Magulilwa, the appointment which lasted in 1992.
In 1992, he was appointed as a Principal for Multipurpose Training Centre at Nzihi. In 1996 he was appointed as a project Manager for Traditional Irrigation Improvement Program in Mahenge Division in Iringa Rural District.

IN 1999 Erenest Kasike was appointed as Assistant District Planning Officer. In 2000 he was appointed as a Tanzania Social Action Fund [TASAF] District Project Manager. In December 2004, he retired from the Government service.


Todi Mdete, Construction Coordinator
Method Alphonce Mdete was born in 1974 in Iringa municipality. He started standard one in 1983 and completed standard seven in 1989 at Mlangali Primary School which is in Iringa municipality.
 Method Alphonce Mdete started Form one in 1990 and he just reached Form two in 1991 due to the financial problem.
In 1992, Method Alphonce Mdete joined at Don Bosco Vocational Training Center to pursue a course of Mason and Bricklayers which lasted for three years.
In 1994, Method Alphonce Mdete sat for the Certificate of Technical in Mason and Bricklayers Level III.
From 1995 to 2003, Method Alphonce Mdete has worked with different companies and individuals in Masonry activities.
In 2004, Mdete started working at Magulilwa Village as a Technician Supervisor of all construction works of Magulilwa Area Secondary School Project.
Up to the present, Mr. Mdete is working at Magulilwa Area Secondary School as a Chief Technician of all the construction works.
 Method Alphonce Mdete thinks that, any construction work needs a comprehensive Planning, co-operation and sustainable communication after making a reliable research.
Method Alphonce Mdete believes that, education is the best weapon to be used in fighting with all kinds of problems including poverty.

Mtoto Kwa Mama Hakui (Swahili)
Education is the mother of children, without it you will not grow!(English)